Pictures of Coyote Village & Do Me's Bar Charity events.

Mike and Gus (owners of Do Me’s Bar and Coyote Village B&B and Hostel) have always believed in helping those that need the help the most.   Below are pics from our 2011 Christmas party where they fed & had Christmas gifts for 550 Loreto children.  There are also pics of their early 2012 trip to four farm camps just north of Loreto where they delivered to farm children over 250 blankets and over 200 children’s shoes.  They have a saying: “We know we can’t feed all the children that need food in the world,



Local Entrepreneurs Help Those in Need
By Alison Saper Forezli
February 20, 2012

Mike Domingue and Gustavo Gtz. d’V. Sanroman of Loreto, Baja Sur, Mexico live their lives involving themselves in random acts of kindness. Not a day, week or month goes by that they are not providing some kind of support for those who are in need of food, shelter, medical aid or money for children’s educations. To boot, they are two of the most unassuming businessmen and citizens in Loreto, Baja Sur, Mexico.


Sit a spell at Do Me’s bar at their Coyote Village B&B Hostel and let Mike pour you a drink. Then ask him how he and Gus met. Ask him how their idea of a B &B Hostel was born here in Loreto and how Coyote Village B&B Hostel emerged as a hidden oasis amidst the hustle bustle of this little Mexican tourist haven on the Sea of Cortez.


Both Mike and Gus did not grow up in wealthy families. Later in life, Mike and Gus each made it part of their lifestyles to always contribute charitably to those less fortunate. “Try volunteering in the kitchen of a homeless shelter – it’s an awakening – you might meet one of your ex-neighbours…if everyone would do more acts of kindness the whole world could be a better place – it doesn’t take much…”. It was only natural that they would continue to live by their convictions.


Concerned about the events in his home country, Mike decided after much research that Mexico was where he wanted to relocate to live. When all was said and done, he came to Loreto in 2006 and fell in love with the people, the sea and the way of life. Gus and Mike were already trusted friends but now Gus would become a business partner in Mike’s latest commercial venture.


Mike and Gus forged a strong partnership based on each other’s strengths. Mike’s expertise was business and financial savvy. Gus was the logistics man (he gets the job done) and he understood the culture and spoke the language. Gus established a well-respected reputation in the community. Together these two guys cemented a solid friendship and became each other’s left and right arms.


As Mike and Gus became more familiar with Loreto they saw a great number of disadvantaged people. Being a native of Mexico and understanding the culture, Gus felt that their humanitarianism could best be served by dealing directly with the people requiring attention, to ensure that they were the sole recipients. Every month they found themselves helping a family, an individual or a local organization.


Last Christmas saw Coyote Village and loyal supporters handing out dinners to 600 children. Gus, Coyote Village staff & volunteers spent several days prior to the event preparing food for packaging. Clothing and toys, sorted according to age groups were bagged and labeled. Each child received a gift bag. This required a methodical process to ensure that each individual was taken care of.


By far the most heart-wrenching event to date was the purchase and delivery of blankets and shoes to migrant farm workers living in cardboard shanties north of Loreto. After some negotiating, Gus was able to procure these items at wholesale prices from two factories on the mainland of Mexico. Amazingly, Mike and Gus not only learned about these families in need but also were able to supply 250 new blankets & 200 new pairs of shoes with a limited budget/manpower.


Currently they are taking care of 10 families monthly, but now there are challenges.

• Limited funds

• Limited time

• Potential dependency on the patrons

• Developing an amicable relationship with local government to overcome political and cultural issues (as exists in any country in the world)

• Dedicated involvement from local Mexican residents

• Establishment of a well-structured organization with definitive documentation that will ultimately provide more-than-minimal results

Recently their philanthropic efforts were acknowledged by visiting Rotary Club members from the USA and Canada. Plans are now in the works to establish a Rotary Chapter in Loreto within the next two months. Mike and Gus are extremely optimistic that with the great following of supporters who already contribute time and money, the new Rotary Club chapter will launch in a timely manner. The funding from both the national and international Rotary will enable Mike and Gus to continue their philanthropic projects on an even grander scale. He says that, “the Rotary is the key for accessing more funding and also the key to saving us time.” Having a local Rotary chapter will enable Mike and Gus to be the driving forces without having to hold positions as directors or otherwise. They are also hoping that this backing will allow them to team up with other charitable organizations on other projects.


As philanthropists, Mike and Gus have three messages that they would like to convey.


• Encourage more of today's youth to incorporate charitable giving into their daily lives so that it becomes a way of life. A simple contribution of 10% of their disposable income to a charity of their choice would be all that it takes to make a difference in someone's life.


• Take Note: More than 80% of families are one bad decision, one major lay off or one serious illness away from joining the ranks of the poor. “So take care of the poor today, for tomorrow …”

• The mirrors in one’s casa should be there for individuals to see themselves, nod, and say, “I did well today, I helped others”.

Mike and Gus live by the following mottos:

“We know we can’t feed every hungry child in the world...but we can try”.

“Impossible is not a word, instead it is a definition for the word ‘excuse’ … it is so easy to say “this is impossible”

which is an excuse to do nothing.

“Don't just live a life, instead live an adventure and part of that adventure is to give and help others.”

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