Do Me's Bar & Restaurant is currently closed

due to the economic conditions in Loreto and lack of tourists.



Our Bar Food Menu:

1. Lasagna with a salad & garlic bread

2. Homemade Tomato Soup with bread.

3. Two double-cheese with ham quesadillas & a salad.

4. Plate of five different cheeses, salami slices. apple slices, bread & olives.


Every meal served with a free desert.

We offer bowls of free bar food treats that vary from night-to-night.

And every night we have HOT-DOGS (dog + a half) on a garlic bun for sale with the complete menu of dressings.

 We pour a very stiff drink (double shots in every drink) for a very GOOD price.


Great bar wine at even better prices.


We have a bar slide show of over 1200 slides of Baja & the Sea Of Cortez - it is just simply amazing.


If you have a dog at home, you leave with free dog treats.


Bucket of seven (7) beers.


Every Saturday night, after 8:PM, we have boxing matches on the Mexican channels.


Cleanest bathroom in Baja.


And we have music: Slow Dance songs from the 40’s & 50’s (both Mexican & American), Top Hits of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, Bandamax, Brazil, Tango, Italian, French, African, Cuban, Classical, Love Songs, Island Music, Mariachi, Disco, Regional Mexican Music, etc.


We have Karaoke on a large flat screen TV.


We offer for sale, books, unique artwork from local artists, T-Shirts, jewelry, etc.






When drinking, ask Do Me how the bar got its name:


He will tell you a tale of a magical Mexican fishing village, a Church where he felt the presence of HIM, swimming naked with sharks, drinking Mescal, Four Characters Mexico Jane, The Indian, The Hippie & a Brad Pitt Sr. look-a-like, a dance club, blinding lights, music from heaven and how all this became a book.


CALL US AT 613-135-1933 or cell 044-613-114-1193


Do not just live a life, instead live an adventure at DO ME’S. 


Loreto, the city of LOVE, PEACE, EQUALITY and HOPE!








DO ME'S BAR Comments!



1. "I just love Do Me's wine & their wine selection but I really love their wine prices!"

2. "It is the best meal I have had in Baja in ten years."

3. " I am hooked on Do Me's clam dip---it is like a drug--I am addicted to it!"

4. "Their lasagna with salad & garlic bread is huge and soooooooo good!"

5. "The best homemade Tomato Soup I have ever had."

6. "Do Me's double cheese quesadillas with ham is just simply amazing!"

7. " Do Me's Bar pours a STIFF drink for a great price."

8. " I just love their weekly drink specials and low prices."

9. "I can't believe that Do Me's offers a bucket of beer (seven bottles for only $90P)."

10. "Their stuffed zucchini is just unbelievable."

11. "Nothing is better than Do Me's home-made chicken/veggie soup."

12. "I have travel to over 30 countries and I can say without a doubt Do Me's is the best bar ever."

13. "The best bar in Loreto."

14. "Their hot dogs (a dog & a half) comes on a garlic French bun---best hot dog in Baja."

15. "Do Me's slide show (over 1200 pics) of Baja makes this a great bar."

16. "They are always play the perfect music."

17. "Do Me's service is like being at a Four Season's Resort."

18. " Do Me's bartenders are so funny & have great tales to tell."

19. "Every week I live an adventure at Do Me's Bar & Restaurant--SIMPLY THE BEST!"

20. "Their food is great and no meal is over $120P."

21. "Do Me's Bar & restaurant has the cleanest bathroom in all of Baja."

22. "I just love their very soft toilet paper in their bathroom."

23. "We go to Do Me's for the food, drinks and the Karaoke.

24. "Do Me's has become my second home here in Loreto."

25. "Their wine by the glass is so good and sooooooooo cheap."

26. "Do Me's lay-out of the bar is perfect. I love the bed!!!"

27. "Every weekend I end up happy & dancing at Do Me's Bar & Restaurant."

28. "Best martini in Baja--they use Bombay Gin"

29. "When ordering a drink I start giggling when I shout out: Do Me Again!"

30. "Everyone knows everyone at Do Me's Bar---it is just like CHEERS."  (E-mail)



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COYOTE VILLAGE B&B AND HOSTEL (Coyote Village Inc.) and Do Me's Bar
75 Padre Kino & M. Marquez De Leon, Loreto Baja, 23880, Mexico

Cell number - 044 613 114 1193
Office number - 613 135 1933
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